My 1st big break in music was when Medicine ShowI was hired on to the “Last Real Medicine Show” Doc Tommy Scott out of Toccoa GA. Did a 2 year tour of all United States and Canada. We were a country bluegrass show band, that did a different town every night of the week.

In the 2nd year I had 5 costume changes, play bass, drums, magic, singing solo act, dancing and more.

After touring 20 months on the road in 1986-1987 I was ready to go to guitar school to further my guitar skills.

I move to Altanta GA and attended GIT “Atlanta Institute of Music” and acquired a Guitar Guitar MajorMajor.  I am always writing songs I soon went to a songwriting seminar in downtown Atlanta and found my music publisher that wanted to work with me and my songs.

For seven years we push for a record deal getting close with one song in 1996 “I Am The Trees”

Performed all over the world Philippines, Europe, Pacific Ocean, and More.

Present time teaching guitar full time and playing the stage when I can:)

“Guitar is By Far the Greatest Sound I Know”

-Timothy B. Miller ♫


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