guitar tuner

Why you need a Guitar Tuner

Every type of guitar needs to be in tune at all times. The guitar tuner makes it much easier and quicker for all levels.

A guitarist must develop an ear for the right pitch for tuning. When I started out I use a pitch pipe, takes a little longer but looking back I know release how much it help me with my ear training and getting the right pitch with the pipe. If you really want to learn well and train your ear I recommend a simple good pitch pipe.
Yep that’s it, match to each of your 6 strings. Blow and Tune – Match and Turn you Pegs.

Learn Your Open Strings

When I say open, I mean you strike the string without putting your hands on the fretboard. Look to the string closest to your face. The 6th String Low E start there.

6th Low E = 6 String
A = 5th String
D = 4th String
G = 3rd String
B = 2nd String
High e = 1st String

-=-=- Easy Way To Remember -=-=-


Quality guitar tuner methods.

Pitch Pipe = Inexpensive and Trains ear very well (Recommend at First)
5th Fret Method = Use you low E when in tune to tune the other 5 string on the fifth fret across only change to the 4th for the b.
Pitch Fork = Striking a note to match on your guitar. Takes a little more practice, I like to look for the Low E or A then you can 5th fret manual tune.
Keyboard = If a electric  keyboard or piano is near use it to tune with.
Electronic guitar tuner =  The easiest and best way. I will tell you the best kind later in this article.

5th Fret Method

Clip on acoustic guitar tuner

My favorite right now is the Snark tuner. I recommend it to all my new students from the youngest to the oldest. It is very accurate with vibration and easy to see display.  Everyone gets use it it very quickly. Just remember left side is flat and the right side is too sharp. Flat = too low, Sharp = too high. You have to get it right in the middle on the green only. It’s actually a lot of fun!

Here is a picture of it.

guitar tuner

Take your time and practice with it. There are different colors you can pick from. I have the red one and I did notice it is the chromatic tuner in witch you can tune alternate tuning and tune more string instruments.


I hope you enjoy this tutorial and you are understanding more on how to get your guitar in tune and ready to play. See ya on the B side -Timothy B. Miller



Here is one of my vidoes to help you learn how to tune your guitar.