Are you looking to make a guitar purchase but first want to learn about guitar prices? In this article I will briefly go over the prices points for different guitar brands, the pros and cons of the costs, and if the cost is indeed justified by the quality of the instrument you are purchasing.

First and foremost, there are many different makes, models, and brands in the guitar world. Things such as the type of wood, the strings, the finishing, sound quality, and age will all be a factor in just how much you will have to fork out.

But at the end of the day, if you are a music lover who is passionate about his craft, then you will not mind spending a pretty penny on a guitar that is going to make the heavens weep!

So below I am going to go over 3 main guitar prices; Expensive, Mid-Range and Cheap. I will discuss why these things are so and also provide recommendations depending on your skill and level of experience.

#1. Expensive. Ahh expensive guitars. If you are an advanced player of the guitar or you just like to dream big, you may have found yourself in music shops staring at the high end guitars. There is just something so captivating about a guitar with a pretty finish.

Guitar brands such as Fenders, Martins and Gibson are all going to rack the price up quite a bit. The main reason for this is simply brand, just like you will pay more for “A&W rootbeer” then you will for “Generic Rootbeer” at a store. Brand names always cost a bit more.

My recommendation would be to only look at these guitars if you have been playing for years, or if you just hit the lotto. Otherwise, start out a bit smaller and work your way up!

#2. Mid-Range. Oh the middle of the road. It is where most of us find ourselves. And truth be told, guitar prices for mid range guitars are still a bit of money.

Depending on whether you buy an electric or acoustic, it will cost either less or more money. Mid range guitars will usually use a cheaper wood, and a cheaper fret board to cut down costs. But honestly, unless you have been listening to symphonies your whole life, you probably will not even recognize the difference in tonal quality.

#3. Cheap. If you are a beginner, a little kid, or someone who breaks things easily, then a cheap guitar is a great choice! When you are just starting guitar, you are going to need to get your chords memorized, your changes quick, and your lead playing sharpened.

A cheap guitar is perfect for honing these skills before you move onto bigger and better things. All in all, guitar prices can be dramatically different depending on where it is that you go, and where you buy.

Always shop around before you buy and you will not be duped by slick talking guitar salesmen. Keep these guitar prices information in mind, good luck!