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From: Timothy B. Miller

Regards: How To Play Lead Guitar

Dear Fellow Guitarist,

Do you want to play lead guitar in a band? Maybe you just want to play better lead. Whatever your lead guitar goals, I am going to teach you how to, not only play lead guitar, but to play it with great sound and purpose that everyone around you will never see you the same way as they did before. All will envy you that hears you play! 

Your probably asking yourself why should I listen to you. Who the hell are you? Well let me give you a little background if I may.

I started learning on my own at young age of 10, then started in with guitar lessons from a very talented teacher that study in Berkeley College Of Music In Boston. 

During this time I was saving my money to get into GIT- Guitar Institute Of Technology a guitar School in Atlanta, GA which was money well spent.  Proof of Graduation Click Here Guitar Lessons

Eventually I got pretty good at it and started to get in bands and making money playing my axe:)  One band I tour with for 2 years after winning a talent show they put on in search of a  guitar player and singer. Proof of Certificate Click Here Guitar Chords

And through years I slowly got out of performing still do some gigs here and there and now I teach guitar on a regular basis. To date I have been playing guitar for 39 years now. 

Why do I say this? To show you I have been through the ropes already and I want to give back all that I know now to help you.

The truth is, you want the knowledge of how to play the guitar well without all the years attached.  A simple system all laid out for you.

So let me ask you are you having troubles learning lead guitar? Do you play a little lead but not sure what scales to use or how it all fits together? 

Lead guitar takes a lot of patience and work to get good at. One of the secrets to playing lead guitar fast especially if your just starting out is to use the pentatonic scales. Most pentatonic scales are used in blues and rock. It is by far the most popular scale in rock and blues music. 

With the pentatonic scales you can learn lead guitar quickly and easily without all the years attached. Introducing! 

"Lead Guitar With The Magical 
Pentatonic Scale"

You will conquer lead guitar with things like...

Discovering the two types of pentatonic scales. You can use two types of pentatonic scales in your lead playing.

Pentatonic means 5 master these 5 scales and rock where you stand. You will see how easy it is once you discover these 5 patterns.

Discover the BLUES scale.  From the 5 patterns you will also be able to play the most famous blues scales.

Know how all the patterns fit on your fretboard.  See how all 5 patterns fit on the fretboard from 1st fret all the way down the neck.

Discover how to take these patterns and extend them.  Knowing how to take these patterns and rock out further down the neck.

Find out how to change keys with your lead playing.  One of the hardest things to do for lead is changing keys. Find out one simple trick to help out with this.

Rock out some awesome sounds for doing guitar tricks.  Play some of the best sounding guitar effects that's being used from the top pro's. 

Read below for extra help added...

If you are ready to put some effort in and practice what this lead guitar guide will show you then you will be jamming like a rock god in no time guaranteed. 

It's all here in a 24 page ebook, it's not filled with fluff or nonsense just right to point and pictures to show you what you have to practice to be playing lead quickly and easily

Lead guitar does take practice it’s one of the hardest things to do on guitar. But with this manual you will learn the how to play much faster without all the years attached! 

To help you more I have included Internet Videos PLUS my very own video of me showing how to put these scales together! You also get a video on how to do simple lead tricks for beginners.

Do you want to know what it will cost you to get this powerful manual?


Yes, for the price of a fast food dinner for 2 you will have all of the information you need to make those fantastic guitar sounds!

Why $19.97?

I'm only charging $19.97 for this report, and not giving this report away, for 2 reasons.

  1. $19.97 puts the report within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the tightest budget.

  2. Anyone who's not serious enough about how to learn guitar to invest $20 into this report isn't going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the report anyway.

If you're serious about discovering how to play guitar,  If you need to justify the expense, skip going to McDonald's for dinner once this week and it's paid for.


      "Short But Sweet Lead Guide!"

Hi Tim,

Thanks for all your support I really do appreciate it. This was a short but sweet lead guide! 
It really helped out because I am just starting out with lead and it showed me how to play lead quickly without knowing a whole bunch of scales. Thanks for your help! Keep on rockin!

   Steve Hartley Cleveland, OH


"This Book Has Good Structure, It Is Well-Written, and Reader-Friendly"

Hey Tim,

This book has good structure, it is well-written, and reader-friendly. Even thought it is always preferable to study the guitar closely with a teacher, the videos of this book can substitute a teacher pretty effectively

   Ioannis Loukakis


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To make the pot even sweeter I'll throw in a...

How Musicians Get An Edge In The Music Business!

YES Tim! - I'm Ready To Play Lead Guitar Right NOW!
I'm ready to sit back, relax, and learn from the absolute best You have to offer me in the fastest and easiest way to do it! Instant Download Ebook Manual 
+ the surprise bonus!

  • I understand that I will gain certain knowledge that only established musician have!

  • I understand that I will discover powerful tips and techniques (from all my years of playing and studies) that I can begin to apply to my lead guitar playing starting todayPlus Videos To Help You Learn.

  • I understand this package CANNOT be found elsewhere on the Internet. The fact of the matter is, if you are seriously wanting to play lead guitar well you owe to yourself to check this out risk free

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    "Now Is The Time Learn Lead Guitar Man!"

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100% Risk Free!

I'm so certain that you'll love Discover Lead Guitar that I'm willing to offer you my 100% Risk-Free guarantee. 

Grab your copy today and put it to use. If it doesn't absolutely transform your guitar playing then just send it back for a full and cheerful refund. In fact, feel free to return Discover Lead Guitar if you are unhappy for any reason at all. If your pet zebra doesn't like the way it smells-send it back!

How can I make such a confident offer? Because I'm so certain that this report is the most powerful available and I know you're going to love it.

Additionally, feel free to keep the included “Bonus” just as my way of saying “thanks” for giving my training a try.

This is 100% Risk-Free for you.

Fair Enough?


Wishing You All The Best Jam On,

Tim B. Miller Fellow Musician 


P.S. - It's your choice, you can keep struggling along sifting through all the junk, or you can get tips and advice straight from all my years and hard knocks  To get you playing lead guitar quickly and easily Order Now!

P.P.S. - Remember, you have nothing to lose with my 100% Risk Free Guarantee. I assume all the risk. 

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