Are you wondering what the best acoustic guitar is? Maybe you are a seasoned veteran, or maybe you are a beginner just starting out who is wanting to make waves in the rock world! Either way, you want the best of the best! Not a piece of wood that will fall apart the moment you touch it!

There are many guitar brands out there, but what is the best acoustic guitar? Well that is all a matter of opinion. Below I will go over the top guitar brands to help you decide just what the best acoustic guitar is for your budget as well as your playing style!

#1. Gibson. The Gibson brand is hailed far and wide as one of the best quality guitars out there. They use rich wood, and really put quality into their work. The tone that comes out of these beautiful instruments is similar to hearing angels sing to you down from heaven! Highly recommended!

#2. Ibanez. The Ibanez brand is more widely known as a maker of electric guitars and basses, although they do make a pretty mean acoustic guitar. These guitars are more recommended for beginners.

#3. Epiphone. The Epiphone is some what of a sub-genre of Gibson, although they are a stand alone company as well. They are known for their rose-wood finger boards and milky smooth tones that make your fingers feel as if they are gliding across silk! Best for intermediate-advanced.

#4. Taylor. Definitely a contender for the best acoustic guitar award. The Taylor is with out a doubt one of the, if not the most expensive guitars around town. It is the “Rolls Royce” of the guitar world. The sound quality is out of this world though and even the aliens on Mars will be envious of your tunes!

#5. Takamine. This is a guitar that is made by the Japanese. Known for making samurai swords and green tea, their guitars are also pretty sweet! The takamine has a beautiful tone that is somewhat unique to a lot of guitar players. Get your Mister Roboto on with this one!

#6. Squire. The Squire brand is a sub company of Fender, which is known all across the rock scene. But this particular brand is very newbie oriented. Squires are the type of guitars that you see in music classes at school, or you give to your 8 year old kid because they might break the strings.

#7. Seagull. This is a Canadian guitar company that are well known for creating hand crafted jewels that are quite a beauty to look at. With quite a hefty price tag, these ones will set you back a bit, but are gorgeous to look at!

With so much to choose from, its hard to decide what the best acoustic guitar is. In the end, it all really comes down to personal preference as well as your budget.

With these 7 guitar brands to choose from, you should never be wanting for anything, good luck choosing the best acoustic guitar!

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar