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Why Be A Guitar Monster?
What You Get With BAGM
Are You Ready To Play Guitar…?
  • How to Hold the Guitar
  • Parts of the Guitar
  • Warm Up First
  • Music and Guitar Know
  • Tuning and Basics for Guitar
  • Eighth Note Strumming Pattern
  • Your First Guitar Songs Children’s Songs
  • Common Acoustic Rhythm
  • Learn Guitar Tab
  • Notes on the Fretboard
  • Capo Information
  • Recap Video
  • Practice Tips for Musicians
  • Guitar Notes for Musicians
  • Caring For Your Guitar
    Notes on the Fretboard
    Warm Up First
  • Basic Guitar Chords Key of A
  • C Chord and Key
  • D Chord and Key
  • E Chord and Key
  • F Chord and Key
  • G Chord and Key
  • Songs Who’ll Stop the Rain
  • Horse With No Name Song
  • Old Time Rock-n-Roll Song
  • Proud Mary Song
  • Rock USA Song
  • Country Song Jambalaya
  • Conclusion
All The Steps In Becoming a Guitar Monster!
Here what others are saying about the course…

Guitar Hattie Testimonal
Hattie Pembrook
  • This is an AWESOME Book!! So well laid out with video too boot . I can’t wait to get into the meat of it. Thank you so much for the clarity and preciseness of learning to play this wonderful instrument/guitar. Tim, I can see you put a lot of time, work, expertise and love into this project. Thanks Bunches!!!!
    Klye S
    Kyle S.
    Very good ebook! Easy to follow. Tim makes things soooo easy for the beginner. Buy this, and you’ll be playing in no time!

Shelly Paulson
  • This is a truly amazing book for novice guitar players. The price is unbeatable–perfect for those wishing to learn guitar but can’t afford real lessons from a teacher. Also, the content is easy-to-follow, and since there is a video for each lesson, Tim really leaves nothing unexplained. By reading the book and watching the videos, you will be able to learn guitar much quicker than by taking lessons, if you just keep at it and pay close attention to what Tim teaches. He covers everything from the basics (learning the guitar parts, notes and chords) to more advanced things, like learning tab (guitar sheet music). Highly recommend!

Peter Jonas
  • Very pleased with this book! You’re a great guitar teacher. I was looking for something to help my son learn guitar and Tim does a wonderful job in teaching beginners guitar. You can tell he is a professional guitar teacher with his great patience and expertise. My son and I watch the videos and applied what was being taught. I’m already seeing a big improvement in his playing.
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