"Learn Your Basic Guitar Chords"

You want to take it nice and slow when are just learning your guitar chords. The way I teach my students is I teach them the common keys in music for instance the key of C which is C-F-G or G7...Key of Am-Dm-E or E7...Key of G-C-D or D7

Then each student learns the basic three chords Major, Minor, Seventh chords used with guitar.  

You have to remember the chords without looking at your fretboard. I teach a game to my students called 5 Chord B-I-N-G-O  It's a simple game just try and fret a chord you are working on Without Looking and then strum where you think you should if it sounds bad you wrong. 

But it sounds ok check and see how close you came. At the end of the game the object is to try and get five correct chords before getting five incorrect chords. You are shouting for 5 Chord B-I-N-G-O/5 Correct Chord Fretting.  

Practice this and try and visualize the picture of the chord diagram then fret your chord. (Note Remember to try and get the first finger first in most cases.)

My youngest students like this game the most of course:) But it helps all beginners with their basic guitar chords.

Then when you learn your keys and chords you want to play many easy guitar songs at first. You need to develop many rhythms at first.  Work on your timing and strumming patterns a good guitarist can remember many different strumming patterns

Here are a few songs that you can try in the beginning. Paint It Black and As Tears Go By By the Rolling Stones, Day Tripper by the Beatles (Quick Note about the Beatles is to try and learn many of their songs learn the chords learn the rhythms and study their patterns.  There are many good reasons why they were so successful at writing songs)

*Tip* It's all in the right hand. 

The right hand technique takes time to develop once you learn many songs your right hand will be picking melodies and strumming nice rhythms.  Watch your timing in the beginning. Timing really hurt me when I was younger. 

This can happen by playing by yourself and not with a band or drums. 
"Be Aware of This"

Biggest setback in the beginning are dead string noise:

I teach by always remembering the (Two P's)

(Press Hard)
(Prop Up Your Fingers)

Play the chord one string at a time and make sure all strings are ringing. If they are then you can strum your chord. You need to once awhile check and see that all your strings are ringing nice and clear. This is called Arpeggiated picking. Arpeggiated picking is simply picking one string at a time in any order.

Take your time and enjoy your guitar.  Practice from one chord to the next eventually your hands and muscles will develop strength. Guitar is very repetitive thing. Practicing your chords makes beautiful music:) 


You can also visit this link for a free online chord finder...


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