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Guitar Lessons

Tim Here...

Quick Lesson for all is how many keys in Music....?

Does anybody knows this one?

One of the first thing I learned in music was there is 12 Keys in Music.

Don't forget that, right there on your fretboard 1st fret on the low E string down to the 12th fret known as the Octave and you can also do Harmonics.

"So 12 Keys"





The 2 P's

Here is another one I always tell all my new students. Always remember for the fret hand is the two P's which are PRESS and PROP your fingers, press hard prop up don't let them sleep I tell my young ones.

You will have to practice and develop calluses, it will hurt in the beginning but with some determination you will get stronger fingers and calluses.


What are the 3 Main Chords for Guitar Players?

Does anybody knows this one?

When I am done teaching my parts, open strings, and tuning I then teach the 3 main chords that guitar players use frequently, but before I tell them what they are I teach them that first you have to learn music first the three main sounds in music are:

  • Major = Happy-Bright-Loud-Strong
  • Minor = Sad, Blues, Moody, Lament/ Big word for Sad:(
  • Sevenths = Transition chords that fall back to the Root Chord
  • Seventh are also Blues Chords

The 3 are:

Major - Minor - Sevenths Chords:)

Practice does make perfect, does not matter gender or age my best students are ALWAYS the ones that put more time in getting better with their guitar playing and really enjoying it:)

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    Learn guitar quickly and easily with all my years of teaching, how to play guitar for beginners step by step.  Later in the course you’ll learn easy songs to hit songs. You have my FULL Support, Email, PDF’s, Private Video Course to help you each step of the way.
    Let me Help You with Your Guitar Goals!

This is an AWESOME Book!! So well laid out with video too boot . I can't wait to get into the meat of it. Thank you so much for the clarity and preciseness of learning to play this wonderful instrument/guitar. Tim,

I can see you put a lot of time, work, expertise and love into this project.

Thanks Bunches!!!!

Hattie Pembrook

'Be a Guitar Monster' does exactly what it says. I gifted this book for my niece who has just begun her guitar lessons. It is amazing how this small book is packed with wealth of information.

The beginners guide really starts with some basics like understanding how to handle a guitar in terms of deciphering the various controls with the help of a diagram.

It goes much more than basic by including notes of various songs including my favorite 'country song'. 'How to care' and the Musician tips in the end is very useful from an amateur point of view. Jo

Jo Revieweron
Proud Uncle

Beginner Guitarist Try and Learn This Song I am Doing by Tom Petty


If you don't know your basic chords yet check out the diagram below.

Let me help you learn one of the biggest classic rock songs; Sweet Home Alabama



My Purpose in Life is To Teach Guitar and Spread Music To as Many as I Can!

My Purpose in life is too teach guitar and spread music from one soul to the next.  I knew when I was 10 years old I would have guitar in my life and be active with it. You never stop learning this great instrument I still learn everyday and I've been playing for 45 years now.

Give me a chance and you'll see that I love what I do:)